09 April 2012

[Barça B; Liga Aderante; Week33] FC Barcelona B 2 - 0 Córdoba

The group led by Eusebio Sacristán April starts with a win against Córdoba, and chains and six games unbeaten.

2580 spectators have seen the goals Deulofeu and Riverola in Miniestadi.

The subsidiary azulgrana continues with the good feelings and earn another victory, this time against Córdoba, the sixth in the league ahead. The azulgranas are intractable in regular competition after six consecutive games without a loss, with three wins and three draws, and face the final stretch of the Second Division A with a certain tranquility.

The game was back and forth during the first minutes of play. The two teams have come out wanting to take all three points and have approached the goals. The first shot has become really dangerous in the 12th minute to hand Sergi Roberto. The Reus player has chutado from outside the box and the ball has gone out for a little, on the left side of the goal visitor. Right on the next play, the opportunity has been to Córdoba. Airam was left alone to Oier, tried to top off an acrobatic but has become entangled and azulgrana goalkeeper catching the ball has run smoothly.

The Barça B offensive effort has been rewarded on 20 minutes of play. Gerard Deulofeu opened the scoring azulgrana drawing a pass from Ivan Balliu. The Riudarenes is alone with the goalkeeper inside the goal area and has not forgiven. After the first goal of the game, the fighting continued with the same dynamics, with chances on both sides. Rodri has tried to surprise the goalkeeper after a pass from Deulofeu, but the ball went out has ended. For his part, has tried to make Córdoba a center Javi Hervás, but not create much danger. Riverola has replaced Gerard Deulofeu on 35 minutes because of a bruised right ankle. On Tuesday he will do more tests to find out the exact extent of the injury.

As they moved the minutes, and the score for, those of Eusebio Sacristán have been taking control of the ball and the game. The azulgranas felt increasingly more comfortable in the field and this is reflected in the light. Riverola Marti has pushed up the second goal in the 40th minute a rebound advantage in goal visitor. Therefore, subsidiary advantage of azulgrana on the break and a whole part to play.

The second half started more quiet than the first, without so many times by both teams. Barça B has starred in some arrival with some danger, as a center that has ended Riverola rejected by the goalkeeper, Albert, or a shot of Armando headed in a corner of Carmona launch, but the ball has come off the field game.

The meeting continued this trend until the final whistle. The azulgranas, who were already sentenced the match, have tried to consolidate the result, and have tried to trace blanquiverdes, but clear opportunities. Finally, another victory for Barca at home, in an increasingly intractable Miniestadi.

The next day the whole of Eusebio Sacristán will face in Girona. Will be Saturday April 14 at 18h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona B: Oier, J. Dos Santos, Rodri (Espinosa, min 85), Sergi Roberto, S. Gómez, Armando, Lobato (Carmona, min 72), Planas, Balliu, Gerard (Riverola, min 35) y Rafinha.

Córdoba: Alberto G., Borja G, Charles, Ximo Navarro, Dubarbier, Fernández, López Silva, Alberto A., D. Prieto (Patiño, min 65), Airam C (Pepe Diaz, min 79) y J. Hervás (F. Vico, min 45).

Goals: 1-0, Gerard Deulofeu, min 20; 2-0, Martí Riverola, min 40.

Referee: José Luis Lesma López (madileño committee). yellow card to Planas (min 37), J. Dos Santos (min 53), to Alberto (min 62), Armando (min 68) and to López Silva (min 81).