01 April 2012

[Barça B; Liga Aderante; week32] Nàstic 1 - 1 FC Barcelona B

The subsidiary azulgrana could not score his third straight win but has a valuable point against Nàstic.

Barcelona have dominated the encounter with little chances for either team in a Nou Estadi with a good entry of spectators.

Eusebio Sacristán's team finished undefeated in March after signing a draw in the field of Nàstic. The azulgranas have had possession throughout the game and were ahead on the scoreboard in the 37th minute with a goal from Lobato, who made ​​his debut as a scorer this season, but have managed Tarragona match the game in the second half with a penalty goal.

The first half began with a high pressure azulgrana and a very late Nàstic expected attacks Barça B. Although possession was in the hands of all Eusebio Sacristan, neither team has enjoyed opportunities to get ahead on the scoreboard. Rafinha has replaced Kiko Femenía on 14 minutes with an injured hamstring in his left leg, you will have tests on Monday. The minutes have gone ahead without clear chances, with some from the local barcelonistas in goal as a Rafinha shot on 28 minutes to come out a few inches off the left side of the goal Tarragona.

The Nàstic has begun to approach with some danger to the area azulgrana as they passed about 30 minutes of the first half but a goal by Lobato stopped the offensive Tarragona. The advantage of Esparraguera has Carles Planas's center from the left side and has finished very precisely in a very nice action. The last minutes of the first half continued with the same dynamic, with no outstanding cases, and the subsidiary has left azulgrana to win by the slightest break.

The Nàstic has come out with great intensity in the second half offensive to try to trace the result, but the azulgranas were those who controlled the match. Until, because of some Balliu hands in the penalty area, Mariscal Sánchez has penalty whistled in favor of all Tarragona. Moran has been commissioned to transform the maximum penalty for his team in 62 minutes and has not failed. The player has surpassed Masip with a shot stung by the center, a goal that gave the hosts a draw.

This goal has encouraged the whole grana, which has become a mess in the match. Even so, those of Eusebio Sacristán continued running the show the game, but no clear chances. Finally, draw in the Catalan derby and a branch point for Barca.

Next week the Barcelona B will receive at Córdoba on Sunday at the Mini at 19.45. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Nàstic: Rubén Pérez, Mingo, Rodri (Arzu, min 63), Alex Ortiz, Seoane, Moráan, Longás, Mairata, Dani Abalo (Álvaro Rey, min 45), Tuni (Galindo, min 76) and Xisco Campos.

FC Barcelona B: Masip, Bartra, Dos Santos, Rodri, Sergi Roberto (Espinosa, 72), Kiko Femenía (Rafinha, min 14), Armando, Lobato, Riverola, Planas and Balliu (Dongou, min 81).

Goals: 0-1, Lobato, min 37; 1-1, Morán, min 62.

Referee: Antonio I. Mariscal Sánchez (Andalusian college)