17 April 2012

"Bale wants to sign for Barça"

Sandro Ranieri, Tottenham's Brazilian midfielder, revealed in COMRàdio that Gareth Bale "would play at Barça."

"Bale is quiet but certainly want to play at Barça." This forceful was Sandro Ranieri, Tottenham midfielder, told the journalist COMRàdio that forward Eric Jiménez.

The Brazilian defensive midfielder revealed a secret costume and confirmed and the Welsh player's interest in joining the ranks of Barcelona after months of intense and numerous rumors.

The possible classification of the Spurs for the next edition of the Champions League and the future of coach Harry Redknapp, who has been linked strongly to the bench for England, are some of the conditions that may facilitate or complicate a hypothetical negotiation Barça with the entire northeast of London.

Sandro was also agreed his compatriot Neymar. The midfielder 'spur' no hesitation in finding that "Neymar is growing but if you want to reach an elite level should come to Europe", thus recovering the rumors that placed the Brazilian great promise in the Spanish league. (via SPORT)