25 April 2012

The 'antifootball' reached the final of the Champions

The international press echoes the elimination of Barça but ignore the "catenaccio" with which Chelsea have faced the 180 minutes of qualifying.

The international sports media opens this morning editions of the "surprise" elimination of Barça at the hands of Chelsea. It seems that few believed in the English, which eventually will be in Munich, even though the classification have questioned the approach and methods used to access the final giving up completely on the ball throughout the round.


The daily 'Olé' is the most explicit in his home titration "Celebrate the antifútbol" with a picture of Messi disappointed. The Argentine newspaper notes that Barça "had the ball but not always knew how to use" and noted that "Chelsea played it all behind." However, extols career azulgrana and states that "the Barça game is bigger than a bad result."


The 'Gazzetta dello Sport' and 'Corriere dello Sport also echo the macho Chelsea at the Camp Nou having Messi as the protagonist. However, the very 'Gazzetta dello Sport says that Chelsea wins the final thanks "to Di Mateo catenaccio", referring to the coach's tactical approach' blue '. Also the 'Corriere dello Sport described as surprise and Chelsea classification refers to the method of Di Matteo defense to neutralize the azulgranas as "the reinvention of catenaccio".


The Spanish sports press also opens its portals to the elimination azulgrana. The daily Marca said that "Barça star with the antifútbol" and sees "incredible" a pass from Chelsea. For its part, 'As' said the failure of Messi for the penalty and called "Messi prods the dream final." (via SPORT)