11 April 2012

Ángel Torres: "At the moment, la Liga is going to win the Madrid"

Getafe president but also a partner of Real recalled that the advantage in the championship is still all blanco.

The Getafe president Ángel Torres, naturally took the defeat of his team in Barcelona (4-0) and, as a member of Real Madrid, said that the advantage in La Liga is still all blanco. "At the moment the la Liga Real Madrid will win," said Getafe president who disagreed with those who think in a certain defeat Real Madrid team at the Camp Nou. "Everyone assumed that Madrid will lose here (Camp Nou) and I have none so clear", and stressed the importance of the clash against Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid dispute on Wednesday. "It is a the most important game. If you win at the Calderon think it will be champion, "Torres told Digital Plus.

On the game of Getafe in Barcelona took the inferiority of their equipment. "We have come but we have not been present. This is not our league and now weigh in on Monday." "We came to see if we could surprise in a campaign rare in that we have always been in tow and on Monday we have a big game that will set our aspirations," said Torres. "For them to get to a point in Madrid was an incentive and an encouragement and come out with everything. We already beat them in the first leg and is very difficult to repeat," took over. (via MD)