27 April 2012

... And Luis Enrique, on the line

At Roma coach, Spanish Luis Enrique, has dried up credit. The press loves him, the fans, who so far had supported him, crying out to go and the players are silent.

Although Roma sports director Franco Baldini, reiterated yesterday after losing 2-1 at home against Fiorentina that Luis Enrique does not play and a few days ago, after the humiliation of 4-0 against Juventus, repeated support society, it seems that the adventure of Luis Enrique at the Roma is over.

A few weeks ago, Luis Enrique claimed that he was very happy at the club and the city and would not rule out staying "up to 5 or 10 years", but this Sunday after the defeat of the season number 14 vented coach "You can rest assured that is one less day to get out of here. "

Words to reporters in recent days accused him of being to blame for the negative results of the club, which could even after several years even stay out of European competitions.

And today the Roman press not skimp on reviews and the "Corriere della Sera" four columns devoted to this: "I fight you're right it is just all your fault."

A holder who responded to the last news conference of Luis Enrique, in which the coach, with sarcasm, had told reporters: "I take my responsibility as coach from the first day you get to Trigoria (Roma training center ). It's all my fault. I have one hundred percent wrong. "

The romance with the press, who had hailed as the new (Pep) Guardiola has been broken, but also initiated the divorce with fans.
The bus from Roma had to wait several hours to leave the Stadium and made it through another exit face of protests from fans, but even so, some 200 fans surrounded the vehicle, shouting "You are a mercenary," "come out Luis" and "Where is the project?

Roma fans excited by the arrival of new shareholders and a young coach who would open a new era had forgiven the output of the previous stage of the Europa League, the two derbies against Lazio lost, including the two 4 goals conceded against Juventus, but the defeat against Fiorentina at the Olympic did it.

Before the game against Fiorentina in the stands was even a banner that read: "A real man in a world of fakes. Forward Luis".

The banner disappeared and instead just let the whistles, insults and the chorus calling for the departure of Luis Enrique.

In watching the game against Fiorentina, Luis Enrique had gone clung to the press: "The day that the company has no confidence in me I will go, the day that players do not follow me, I will go; the day in which the fans do not want me, I'll go, but I will not go because you (reporters) critiquéis me, "he added.

To join this disturbing words of one of the supporting columns of the team and fan favorite Daniele De Rossi: "I support the coach, but if society tells me he wants a coach to win the scudetto will be the first support you to leave Luis Enrique ". (via SPORT)