03 April 2012

Ambrosini: "It is time to win by Barça"

Milan captain Massimo Ambrosini has considered that his team is facing a unique opportunity to eliminate one of the favorites to win the Champions League, Barcelona, after the goalless first leg recorded quarter-final in San Siro.

"We are fortunate to play tomorrow's game because they are opportunities in the life of a footballer does not happen often. And do as captain is a special opportunity. But not only special to play, but go and win. We know what it is to play here, but not win at Barcelona. It is time, "he said.

The player 'Rossoneri' has pointed out, in any case, that the azulgranas are a rival that "with so much possession of the ball forced to run too many times to no avail. It is normal to have to make a match of some sort and end up very tired ".

"This game has to be interpreted with courage, with courage, is the only way to deal with the club. If you let them play, something always happens," he warned Ambrosini.

To this end, it is important, in its view, "the attitude of the whole team, from the doorman to the tip, because a game like tomorrow, against a team like Barça, or arises as a team or just defeated ".

It has also warned of the danger of Lionel Messi: "When the ball has a player who can not control. Individually you may consider not stop it. It is very variable and there is a player who will play with him (marking you). It should be collectively. " (via SPORT)