19 April 2012

Alexis Sánchez made ​​history for Chile

Alexis Sánchez was clear he wanted to play at Barça or yes. And one of the many reasons I had was that I knew I could make history for Chile.

All who know him say the same thing. Play for FC Barcelona is the dream of Alexis Sánchez since becoming a professional footballer. Its aim, ambitious, is to one day become the best player in the world and I knew that the club would have all the necessary conditions and peers to achieve the objective.

But he also knew that Alexis was forged while the goal of being the best player in the world, would picking up other awards. And one of them got it on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge. And is that as a starter against Chelsea, Alexis Sánchez became the first Chilean player playing a Champions League semi-final, as explained in his Twitter account @ 2010misterchip

Alexis was ready, in addition, to celebrate the best way possible, when in the 8th minute of the first half, building a great assist from Iniesta, he was alone with Cech but sent the ball over the bar. Or when on 11 minutes into the second half, when shot from inside the area and the ball went just wide.

The Chilean was unmarked, but hardly forget an April 18, 2012 was the first of his country to play a Champions League semifinal match. (via SPORT)