11 April 2012

Alexis Sánchez is at her best scoring form

Life is full of chances, and wanted the game tonight against Getafe Alexis Sánchez achieved his best scoring person, 13 goals, scoring the first of them curiously at minute 13. The Chilean has scored a goal in each half and both have been separate bill.

The best version of Alexis
Assuming that the best version yet to come and that the scoring form can still increase in six league games missing, plus the outstanding Champions League and the final of the Copa del Rey, Alexis Sánchez has passed his best scorer in a season: 12 goals wearing the shirt that managed Udinese, before becoming a new player blaugrana the July 21, 2011.

Furthermore, the two goals embodied in the Camp Nou against Gefate are diverse, showing two of the qualities which dazzled Guardiola for the Santpedor be done with the services of Chilean. On the first play has proven ability to partner, speed when assembling the leg and hitting ability, while in the second action Alexis read well the band played in Cuenca, has raised a compelling and have connected a great header, beating the defense and the goal of 'Geta'.

With these two goals, and Alexis Sánchez added 10 points in the league, becoming the second top scorer of Barca in League, after the immeasurable Leo Messi, scorer of the championship with 39 goals. Ten goals to which we must add the two Champions League and the Copa del Rey, some numbers are not bad if you count the numerous games that has been lost due to injury. (via MD)