10 April 2012

Abidal was submitted Tuesday to a liver transplant

On Monday joined the Barnaclínic Tuesday to undergo a liver transplant.

Nearly a month after news that he had reproduced the cancerous tumor in the liver, Eric Abidal will undergo surgery to undergo a transplant. Azulgrana defender joined Barnaclínic yesterday in the hospital, which today is operated by the medical team of liver transplant center.

According to specialists knowledgeable in this type of operation, the operation may take six to eight hours, and Abidal will remain hospitalized at least 10 to 14 days.

Abidal will be transplanted to a piece of liver that has donated a family member, specifically a cousin whose name is Gerard and next to him in the picture accompanying the information.

After the intervention, and if the player and his family give the corresponding permission, the club will broadcast a medical statement as happened last year and prompted the utmost respect and privacy at the express request of Abidal and his associates.

Once the operation, Eric will be subjected to comprehensive monitoring to see if the new body fits nicely into your body. Then, left behind this stage successfully, you can make normal life will probably have to take medication for life and is unlikely to play football professionally.

Eric's intervention coincide with the game that Barça played at the Camp Nou against Getafe. Abidal's spirit is very present in the stands of the Stadium. If Sunday was his teammates who wanted to deliver all of your support hours before it passed under the knife today will turn for the fans who come to the field.

Surely Barça supporters want again to convey all his strength chanting his name in minute 22 (his number) of the match.

With his usual desire to improve and optimism that always follows, Abidal will fight to get ahead of this new setback with which it has ever encountered. While recovering, his teammates will have a new incentive to try again another historic treble. (via MD)