13 March 2012

[Youth] Bobby, a '11' like they used to

For physical game and reminds Brian Roy, the mythical winger of Ajax, a club that landed at Barça last summer.
With his colleague Alejandro Viedma, and vip's Mas, Rosell, Guardiola, Puyol and Amor, opened the new Masia.

Martí Maymó, bassist of the group Manel and a 'sick' of Barça who enjoys the games of the cantera that television offers the club, said in an interview that is one of the players who most impressed him lately. He spoke of a left end color overflowing with infinite ease, Bobby, a Dutch passport Nigerian boy of 13 years who joined FC Barcelona last summer from Ajax Amsterdam.

Bobby Alekanyue was born on February 14, 1999 in Ibadan, a city in southwestern Nigeria and the second most developed country after the capital, Lagos. At four, his father traveled to Amsterdam for work purposes and a few months later he moved the whole family. Bobby has two brothers and the second and was born in Holland.

He joined the inferior categories of Ajax last year and wondered all fans of the clásico MIC tournament which takes place on land Empordà every Easter. Through Junior, son of Josep Maria Minguella, Barça invited the player to take a test in Sant Joan Despi and in half an hour, as happened to Rexach with Messi, coaches and decided to sign him. His parents were delighted with the deal, the facilities of the Ciutat Esportiva and La Masia and gave the nod.

Bobby has adapted perfectly into the club. The game, because football practice like that of Ajax, and residence, where he is with his younger teammate Alejandro Viedma, which is why both were actors in the opening of La Masia with Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Sandro Rosell, Guillermo Amor, Pep Guardiola and Carles Puyol. Bobby is a very outgoing guy and have even a little naughty.

In football, remembers Brian Roy, mythical winger of Ajax, but his idol is Arjen Robben. Overflows speed and ability and in spite to act wing comes too easily to the goals. He is very young and much remains to be polished, among other things the definition. Last Sunday, in the derby against Espanyol won Barça 2-1, signed a great performance and created several chances but lacked transform. Have time and inclination. (via MD)