04 March 2012

Xavi, the passing king

The Barça midfielder leads the way in the five main European leagues in terms of completed passes in the opposing half of the pitch (1553). Team-mates Messi and Alves are second and third respectively.

Xavi Hernandez is the passing king of the leading European football leagues – England, Italy, Germany, France and Spain – with 1553 completed passes in the opponents' half. As well as Xavi, the top five in this particular ranking feature Leo Messi (1351 passes), Xabi Alonso (1271), Dani Alves (1215) and Mikel Arteta (1207). That makes three out of five for Barça.

However, Xavi Hernandez not only leads the way when it comes to passes in the opposing half. He also tops the ranking in all completed passes with 2139, the only player to pass the 2000 mark. As such he's well ahead of Xabi Alonso (1985), Andrea Pirlo (1925), Philipp Lahm (1896) and Mikel Arteta (1804). (via FCBarcelona.com)