03 March 2012

Without Messi, Cesc, Iniesta and Alexis come to the rescue of Barça

Leo aside, Arenys (9) and Chilean (8) are the two top scorers of the azulgrana equipment.
And Don Andrés has not yet been released in la Liga but comes labeled with 'la Roja'.

CIA comes of Barça: Cesc, Iniesta, Alexis. In the absence of Leo Messi, arguably the crack that transmits a greater chance of success at azulgrana equipment, the champion culé instructs the CIA not to abandon the hunt for the league leaders Real Madrid, who will play a day later before the Espanyol.

As Busquets, Messi will be sidelined through suspension, so for the first time this league is the Camp Nou think of other solutions necessarily offensive to beat the rival in power, this time will be the Sporting Javier Clemente. And those solutions are today by the 'C' Cesc and his ability to reach the area, the 'I' of wit and Iniesta and 'A' of ambition and Alexis. They are the CIA Barça and come to the rescue.

The space left by Messi is impossible to replace by yourself. Only the sum of collective virtues help the feeling of orphanhood is less.

The influence of the world's best player at Barça is too important to relativize: Messi has scored 28 goals in person in the league and has given another 9 of the 70 who has managed the team. That is 52% of the goals he has celebrated the club in the tournament. In the Camp Nou, Messi has scored 23 of the 50 person league goals Barca 46%. The '10' was also at a particularly sweet because it came from scoring four goals at Valencia, to decide with a goal against Atlético and signing his first hat trick with Argentina. So a few days ago, it was natural that Pep Guardiola let go with what bitter irony that "the way they wanted some rest Messi the same day Pepe."

After the suspended Messi, the best strikers in La Liga of Barça are Cesc, with 9 goals, and Alexis, with 8. So without the Argentine genius, despite the aftermath of FIFA Virus, as normal is that Guardiola has your second and third scorer of the workforce in the lineup to do against Sporting.

Cesc has completed a great game with the Spanish selection against Venezuela and Alexis Sánchez arrived yesterday after a long journey that began in Philadelphia, where he played with Chile. The 'I' of the CIA culé is Iniesta. His power will be essential imbalance without Messi. And, above, is to open the scoring for 'la Roja' to Venezuela.

Iniesta will be for the best motivation for release in this league as a scorer and spend their first dummy in this tournament to Valeria, the day that Barça more need of the aim of all without their best scorer. (via MD)