13 March 2012

With Sergio Busquets, Barça played with 12

Its dual function centre-back-pivote in a 3-4-3 system has allowed the team azulgrana to win 10 games and draw three out of 13.

With Sergio Busquets in the team, Barça played this season with twelve. The dual role when defending Pep orders a three-both the centre-backl and pivote-is proving crucial. Against Racing, the diversified Badia a perfect way, back and helping to pioneer the transition.

'Busi' is undoubtedly one of the keys of the computer is on the rise in this crucial stretch. No part in the defeat in the league against Osasuna and in four of the last five games (one was punished) started in the azulgrana wins.

So far this season, Pep has turned to 3-4-3 in 15 games, of which Busquets came 13 times in the eleven. Barça did not fall into none, garnering 10 wins and three draws. Records say much of its strategic importance in the team.

Among them the victory in the Champions League in Milan, the thrashings at Osasuna, Atletico, Levante or Betis in La Liga and the draw against Espanyol in the derby. And of those 13 crashes, Víctor Valdés only conceded four goals when the stakes were highest.

Busquets is a link between defense and attack. Can give a step back, immediately after, two forward and become the pivot on which rest Xavi and Iniesta in running the ball.

He has the gift of knowledge to be, to occupy space, to deliver and retrieve balls, if the author of the faults and even invent tactics like that assists Messi in the recent 5-1 to Valencia in the liga.

It never lies. Go for it and not afraid to put the leg, but sometimes it costs him an injury. Lately, conscious of its importance, the opponents have tried to stop him raw. Against Real Sociedad suffered a wound that required 15 points. In Santander, Babacar he could from his ankle but he stood up. As always. (via MD)