09 March 2012

The week ideal of Guardiola to sign

As time passes, gains strength the possibility that Guardiola will continue and suggests the next few days as definitive.

Next week looks set to be the ultimate in 'case Pep' and the coach could take the team will not play games intersemanales to sign it for the fifth time as first team coach. True to its philosophy since Joan Laporta was presented on 17 June 2008, the Santpedor has always been committed for a while. And his fourth renewal is very close.

The fact that Barça do not have to play any European commitment on Sunday after visiting Racing joined the weather begins to push being decisive 'yes' Pep. In this sense, is strengthened the possibility that the club announced the renewal of Guardiola on Monday and, if so, the signing ceremony could take place on Wednesday.

In fact, Pep and had communicated its decision to heavyweight clothing, which had publicly week asking to continue. Dani Alves had said that Guardiola "knows that without him we are nothing and will continue," Xavi said that the technician "will end up renewing," Iniesta said that the coach "is a basic part in the team," Valdés believes that it should "follow many years "and Puyol had told her earlier this year that Pep safely renew his contract.

Moreover, while reiterating the Board was that the technician has all the time in the world in recent days were reiterating the views of people involved with the club betting on the imminent renewal of Pep. The latter was Carles Rexach, adviser to the president of FC Barcelona, who said on Onda Cero would renew "this month and with some ease. Is coming soon. "

Doubts technical staff to engage in face-to fifth campaign, suggests that the next could be the last of Pep Guardiola's Barça in front ... at least in this cycle. The Santpedor considered ideal cycles of a technician should not be higher than three seasons or, at most, four. Therefore, it was not clear and appears to be somewhat complicated that could lead the team in a hypothetical sixth campaign. (via SPORT)