16 March 2012

Villarrubí on the new Camp Nou: "For such a decision shall be referred to a partner"

Azulgrana leader commented on the possibility of building a new Camp Nou and acknowledged that since the Board is considering this possibility, but from a viewpoint of the strategy of the club.

"There is indeed a reflection, in what is the strategy overall reflection of the club, by responsible managers of heritage. Has been raised to reflect on the stadium, the Nou Camp," he said in remarks to 'El Món' to RAC1.

However, he denied that he had taken a firm decision about this matter. "We have not planned anything. It seems that has become a reflection and not true. Not even there has been debate," he said.

And he added: "It's a real nonsense to imagine that anyone could finance a stadium with the exchange of advertising."

Moreover, in the case will provide a proposal of this caliber, Carles Villarrubí has made clear that the member would be requested opinion. "For a decision as sure that the partner will be consulted at the highest level," he said.

The manager could not help azulgrana the opportunity to refer to Abidal and criticized as reported liver transplantation to be submitted to the French defender.

"I feel a little dismayed at the sight of news coverage today. I mean the sense of proportion can have the media on certain issues that some false mopping sensitivity," he said.

And he said: "There are daily engaged in talk about the illness of a person. A person, who has also made ​​flag, they and their peers, their club, all, discretion and prudence."

Finally concluded by recognizing that perhaps there has been "a point of pornography sentimental" by the media to refer to such a sensitive issue. (via SPORT)