13 March 2012

Villarrubí: "Guardiola will continue in our house"

The vice president of FC Barcelona, Carles Villarrubí, was optimistic about the renewal of the azulgrana coach and stated that "denounce Telemadrid valued."

Carles Villarrubí has no doubt about the renewal of Pep Guardiola and an interview with the program "Els Matins" TV3 was very optimistic about the continuity of Pep.

"He knows he is at home and around the FC Barcelona is with him. Will end well. Continue in our house," he said.

However, the director azulgrana said he spoke as barcelonista since "the word only has himself Pep". He added: "I think we have proven to be a person with a high level of responsibility and do not extend to a point that may cause us harm."

Regarding the controversy with Telemadrid, the manager gave azulgrana the lines laid down by the president of FC Barcelona.

"We're used to this dynamic. Closed two days ago an episode with a radio. I refer to the words of Sandro Rosell said it was an outrage and a slander of a public broadcaster as Telemadrid" he said.

And said they are evaluating report to the public channel for such information: "We have not exactly had time to hear but the president's response Rosell the topic is serious because it is a public television. We have to look safe." (via SPORT)