06 March 2012

Velasco Carballo: "Whoever goes around comes around"

Velasco Carballo says that referee was a "kamikaze" and that the bundled "fat".

Carlos Velasco Carballo (Madrid, March 16, 1971), representing the Spanish referees at Euro has a brand almost insurmountable Barça swiping five penalties (two against Valencia and three at Sporting) in five months. Raised in the Madrid district of Aluche, Velasco has a degree in Industrial Engineering (currently on leave) and for two years is a professor at the Universidad Camilo José Cela. He teaches Rules football game in the lessons for the Técnico Deportivo Superior in Football (national coach, level III) within the Science degree in Physical Activity and Sport.

Married with two children, Velasco arbitrates over 16 years. Has a reputation for authoritarian. This was acknowledged in the newspaper ABC (1/10/12). "I am a referee with great rigor. Whoever goes around comes around. He who is before me knows," said the Spaniard, who accused him of Piqué sent off against Sporting with "premeditation" to reclaim a penalty on Keita.

Velasco also had a sink with Walter Pandiani in September 2009, when Espanyol striker today visited the Heliodoro Rodríguez de Tenerife, Madrid, Osasuna and accused of having "disrespected. I tried to help at times and I have spoken evil. Was ido a bit, "denounced the 'Rifle'.

Madrid is adjudged confessed on ABC that went "black" in its infancy in the arbitration. "I was once assaulted and tried to hit me many times, though I was a kamikaze, very brave, and I bundled fat. I have been pursued on and off the field. I have run pursued by the people. I have had serious problems, but the police took care of me. "Velasco Carballo is going to go. In "The Match of the 12 ', the COPE (27/12/11), the Aluche revealed that" I like the field where most press people. That is no option to whistle at El Sadar in Pamplona, then give it to me ".

Piqué lamented that Velasco "took the license plate" to protest to. The Spaniard and the COPE presumed to know the detail to the players arbitrates. "Everybody called her by name. I know who's in a yellow suspension, who throws the corners, penalties, fouls ...".

In 'The Rail', the BE (11.01.12), said the attack in the beginning was a "knee in the ass" and that his "mistake" most notorious was "a goal with his hand in a Jaén-Xerez, in Segunda B, which was up in Antequera. I did not see, but everyone makes mistakes, "said the referee that fails over to Barça account and do not hesitate to describe the 'Villarato' of" big lie. " (via MD)