06 March 2012

Velasco Carballo to Piqué: "Shut up I'm going to evict"

The umpire threatened of Barça center at halftime of Saturday, according to Ona FM.
So the culé spoke of "malice" in his expulsion and the referees calling for his head.

You shut up that I'm going to evict you. "That warning, addressed to Gerard Piqué, the referee gave Carlos Velasco Carballo during halftime of Saturday's match between Barça and Sporting, unveiled yesterday by Ona FM. As is well known, the referee showed the red Madrid direct central Barça in the first minute of the second half. The threat of Velasco Carballo to Piqué, according to the same source was witnessed in the tunnel at the Camp Nou for several components of the Barca team, supports the interpretation given by the player after the match, when he spoke to the press of "a little forethought. "This expression is what has led to a media report unprecedented collective and arbitration against Pique, asking for the Competition Committee punish you tomorrow. This also explains the heated talk of Piqué with Carles Naval. "You see?You had told me ", complained the officer central to Barca. Same said Piqué Saturday night what happened: "At half I told the referee that a penalty had been Keita and he saved it. He has taken 'the personal'. The referees have the right to be wrong but I have the feeling that there was some premeditation. "

The thinking aloud of Piqué opened hostilities against him in the arbitration group. The hunt is underway institutionalized for 48 hours. The referees, erected in judge and jury, using the precedent-central Barcelona target media. Victoriano Sánchez Arminio, who in his third decade in front of the Referees Technical Committee aims to break the record in the armchair of his mentor José Plaza, quickly and publicly airing 24 hours they would expose the defender axulgrana to the Committee after a penalty for the player. Sánchez Arminio speaker used his pioneering media complaint against a public entity RNE footballer, who called him Sunday to ask for words to speak it Piqué of "premeditation" in his expulsion against Sporting. Sánchez Arminio yelled and publicly, and without there being an official request by the previous group, they would denounce Piqué because "you blood boil" to doubt the honesty of referees. Yesterday called for a penalty, publicly. Particularly striking is the speed and persistence of Sanchez Arminio media in the 'Piqué case' when, for example, or saw him or heard him on a matter as scandalous as the visit of José Mourinho referee Fernando Teixeira Vitienes car in the parking of Camp Nou. Nor when, a week ago, Madrid coach himself told the fourth official's game against the Lightning as "the most arrogant I've seen in my career." (via MD)