04 March 2012

Van Persie has nivelazo Barça

Van Persie was devoted even more at Anfield with two golazos to raise his price.

Another exhibit more of a shrine of football. Robin van Persie had never marked at Anfield yesterday and did so twice in a further demonstration of why it has more than enough level to play for FC Barcelona and fulfill his desire to be reunited with Cesc Fàbregas.

With a header from '9' Sagna to center and a stunning volley with his left foot in 92 minutes to pass Song, Dutch comeback initialed in Liverpool (1-2) Arsenal will complete a blank seven seasons but can not afford to stay without participating in the next Champions League.

And that is Van Persie, whose commitment to the Gunners and winning character contributed decisively to secure fourth place in the Arsenal at odds with Chelsea, now three points behind after losing (1-0) yesterday in the stronghold of the West Bromwich Albion.

The '10' of all Arsene Wenger continues to trade upward pulling of a group that needs a miracle Tuesday at home against Milan to lift the first leg 4-0.

Although last week said that until the summer will not make a decision about their future without wanting to know about negotiating a contract that expires in 2013, Van Persie letting life continue until the last day for Arsenal.

At 28 and with only one FA Cup and Community Shield under his belt, each passing day works against the Gunners to keep him next season.

Van Persie has very mature determining land on another 'big' where you can choose to win league and the Champions League. He knows he can hardly do it at the Emirates Stadium.

However, just as the fans of Arsenal celebrates his goals almost a week after another, its top management, resigned to its likely progress, rubs his hands with the money that you can enter by Van Persie.

If Barça, who offered himself forward in the past winter market, attend the desire of the player, enter a bid higher. The Dutchman is probably the player most coveted by the most powerful clubs in the summer where you can further enhance your cache in the tournament. Would have to see how the club would strengthen its attack depending on your fitness needs and economic adjustments.

Meanwhile, Van Persie is still beating people. Officers with 31 goals in 36 games and 25 in the Premiership, live your best season and will be a tough opponent of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo the Golden Boots. (via MD)