09 March 2012

Valdés to Messi: "In the Final how many you have been?"

Valdés witnessed from a unique perspective display of Leo and even lost count of the goals.

Leo Messi gave a recital of the best football again was followed by everyone. Who better saw, however, were his own comrades, who enjoy the luxury of having Messi at his side in games and every day in training. Víctor Valdés was what happened the better.

The goal freaked again with Leo Messi's soccer on Wednesday against Bayer Leverkusen. Even joked after the match in the mixed zone, where he said he lost count of the goals of '10 ': "If I tell the truth, I had to ask after the game if he had scored four or five. When I have answered, I I said, 'my mother.' "

The goalkeeper believes on teammate who "surpasses every season and surely not only that. There will be more things here at the end." The Gavà enjoyed a game that will go down in club history from a privileged position: "From my site I have enjoyed the team play and the performance of Leo. I am very happy to have Leo in our team."

About the opponent in the quarter, did not venture any speculation or a classic. "Currently, the Madrid must win their tie against CSKA. When you're in the draw, we'll see who we play, but never thought of any equipment, or whether it is better in that tie or later." (via MD)