22 March 2012

Valdano: "Barça is the perfection of style, is a platonic dream"

Jorge Valdano praised the game played by Pep Guardiola's charges and praised the figure of his compatriot Lionel Messi without fleeing comparisons with Maradona.

Jorge Valdano also had words of praise for Messi after the Argentinian became the top scorer in the history of Barça and no doubt he will become ene l greatest history.

"A look at Maradona after seeing his entire career and Messi is only 24, just ask the question and is a tribute to him. If you continue at this level will exceed everyone, including Pelé. If you have to differentiation, Maradona had more artistic sense, a compass and unique style, you see the beauty. Messi is effective, has an impressive continuity, never seen a talent not because every ball that gets added risk, "he said.

And is that Messi is the jewel in the crown of a Valdano Bará that is fully paid. "Barca is the perfection in style. Not only in current terms, but historical. It is a platonic dream, very hard to beat in terms of game development," he said.

However, in case of reaching a Champions League final between Barça and Madrid, Valdano can not renounce their past: "I'm no soothsayer, I do not know the end. On an emotional level I would like to win the Madrid, because I am of Madrid. " (via SPORT)