16 March 2012

Try drawing diabolical Champions

The proof of the drawing of lots by Paul Breitner, the final ambassador of Munich, next to Gianni Infantino, UEFA's general secretary, was diabóica.

The 'Abyssinian' matched to Barça and Real Madrid in the semis, as long as Pep Guardiola's first overcome the Portuguese Benfica and the men of Mou do the same with Chelsea, which hypothetically would be difficult for Portuguese coach.

Breitner, oddly matched his optro team, Bayern with Apoel of Nicosia (theoretically the Cinderella of the draw) and Milan to Marseille, which would be a bomb because the last time they saw the faces, the Italians left the field of the Velodrome and were expelled from the competition by UEFA Champions League, excluding one year.

The draw, attention, quarterfinals and semifinals will begin at 11.45 hours and 12.00 hours as noa was announced by UEFA's expressed desire to match the quarters and semis pairings. (via MD)