02 March 2012

This was the summit between Guardiola and Rosell

Pep Guardiola and Sandro Rosell were last night at the home of Barça president to design the future of Barça with the renewal of coach still in the air.

Sandro Rosell's house was the perfect place to address a summit between the president and Pep Guardiola, and also attended sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, the sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and azulgrana second coach Tito Vilanova, for draw the roadmap Barça hereafter.

A road that is not yet known whether it will Guardiola himself who is the front although both talked about the expected renewal of technical and suspense that keeps much of barcelonismo.

Pep asked for more time to Sandro Rosell to make a decision about his future and that there are still some points on a personal level that the azulgrana coach should be clarified to make a decision as safe and true as possible to its principles, as has been announced in recent weeks. Pep himself said he has not "completed" their future but explained its decision as soon as this is taken.

And if Pep is in no hurry, Sandro Rosell either. The president is confident Barça coach's decision and it is clear that from the club must wait for Guardiola himself to make a decision since it is the undisputed first choice azulgrana future. The last thing you want from the board is to launch an ultimatum to Pep is rendered. They are convinced that Guardiola would never take a decision that could harm the club, whatever their final verdict.

However, Rosell is confident that Guardiola continue for another season as coach, despite his doubts, not one bit sloppy planning the next season. Nothing has been left to chance and the preseason, their tours, the physical plans and equipment needs are being studied in detail by Guardiola himself.

At the peak technique is openly talked of possible ups and downs, and defined the basis of Barça's future. The idea of ​​Pep and the club is still project the strength of the cantera to the first team as a major base of the template. That is why Barça B will be the main route of supplying the equipment in the summer.

Nevertheless, Pep nor Sandro or discarded a great asset in the market next summer but the release never exceed 25 million euros. The budget will depend only on transfers of income from transfers or if there is any significant drop at the end of the season.

At the meeting, also conveyed the illusion of Pep to get the second consecutive Champions. Barça defend their European crown and access to the quarterfinals is closer than ever. In Madrid, ten points in the league, the Champions League has become a priority for coaches and players that have conspired to leave no escape.

Still, Pep will not let the team go in the league and has warned that war will give up the ghost. The technician relies on a slip of Real Madrid points to shorten as soon as possible to put pressure on the side of the set target.

Finally, the Copa del Rey is the title that is closer to a final one on one against Athletic Bilbao. Pep wants to remove the thorn from the end of last season and said he will not miss the chance to clinch the second Cup of the 'era Guardiola'. In March started and yet to be decided, from the bottom of this boat are willing to give everything to return to get everything at your fingertips. (via SPORT)