23 March 2012

This league is possible for Barça

Barça can put 3 points on Saturday.
Just 12 days ago, Madrid grew to 13 points for hours of income.

"This league does not win." Paradoxically, the judgment of Pep Guardiola, repeated in recent press conferences by the Barça coach, has finally put a lot more nervous about Real Madrid to the environment culé, probably because that environment has never believed that his coach has ever pulled the towel.

The evolution of la Liga speaks for itself: in five days, Real Madrid has gone to enjoy a comfortable 10-point lead over Barça have only six. That is, when you only have to FC Barcelona Real Madrid lose one more game to return to depend on himself to win his fourth consecutive league title.

The key to this turnaround azulgrana has ceased to be impossible after the leader's ties to Málaga and Villarreal through two conditions: that the club keeps winning all the matches to distress the Madrid and that is imposed on the clásico to be played in the Camp Nou on 21 or April 22. A difficult challenge but not chimeric for a team that comes from winning 13 titles over 16. Remaining 10 games to play.

Next, Barça visit to Mallorca tomorrow at six o'clock. If you win, 3 points will be made and fifteen minutes later, the Madrid begin their match at the Bernabeu against Real Sociedad without several starters and all possible pressure. The immediate precedents are encouraging for Barça: in just two days before the disputed played Madrid and cut 4 points.

The first success of the club is that a league that had already won the Madrid going to have to win it again, with all the mental and physical wear that implies. Guardiola has always said he would settle for the white team had to deal with the visit to Camp Nou "with the same obligation that we had these years of going to the Bernabeu to win la Liga."

However, this hypothesis gains each day that passes more credibility. And that just 12 days ago, Real Madrid ended its controversial match against Betis in Week 27 with 13 points of rent on Barça the next day began their game against Racing with la Liga turned into a utopia.

The calendar, a priori, it seems more affordable for Barça for Madrid. The azulgrana visit to Mallorca, Zaragoza, Valencia, Rayo and Betis and will receive Athletic Bilbao, Getafe, Real Madrid, Malaga and Espanyol.

The Madrid will host Real Sociedad, Valencia, Sporting, Sevilla and Mallorca and visit Osasuna, Atlético, Barça, Athletic and Granada. The first thing is to win for Barça in Mallorca.

If successful, be the first time that Barça will be virtual 3-point victory from Madrid at the Bernabeu (1-3). In this boat you are the great challenges and, after winning three consecutive league pursued, now wants to succeed in the fourth as a persecutor, matching the four Leagues of Dream Team conquered between 1991 and 1994.

The example of Barça that he traced the two Leagues of Tenerife to Madrid in the final, Guardiola can serve, then play to encourage his players, but it does so only in the locker room and in the press room again say that of "aquesta Lliga guanyarem not." (via MD)