11 March 2012

Thiago: "Xavi and I have nothing to do"

Thiago is not seen as heir to the '6' and hopes to play a lot more time with him.

Thiago Alcántara, in an interview published this weekend the El Mundo Magazine, reveals some curiosities. The azulgrana midfielder says his parents were the main references in his career up to the first team. "They incularon me to be respectful and honest. Also work, work, work as an essential foundation," he explains.

Despite being the son of a champion of the world as Mazinho, Thiago admits that neither he nor his brother felt pressure. "We have never been depressed, just that we were honest with what we decide and we had respect for the sport," he says. Thiago gets firm when asked if he is seen as the heir to Xavi.

"We have nothing to do with each other. How symbol? When both homegrown and play in the same position, people tend to look for heirs, but it is not. I look forward to playing a lot of time with him. I best that can happen to a kid from the quarry is to play alongside his idols. Xavi is one, Andrés Iniesta other ... I see myself more as a complement than as a successor. "

On the other hand, Thiago supports the importance of having family nearby. "The achievements are achieved with a woman next door, and parents and siblings very close." (via MD)