29 March 2012

"Stop Messi" goal accomplished for the Italian press

"Milan held off Messi" and remains so "hope," agrees the Italian press summing up the first leg against FC Barcelona.

Despite the 0-0 final, which is not a good result for the home to AC Milan in the Italian press has served its purpose, which was to "cage" at Barça and Argentina forward power and rein in his team .

"The rojinegros caged Messi. Barça had possession but did not end and Robinho and Ibra ate two goals," and sums up the party newspaper "Gazzetta dello Sport" which dominates headlines following the shock can be said that "Milan is alive. "

"Messi on a diet" and goes on to comment the newspaper sports pages roses tactics adopted by AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, but also stresses that "Ibra fasted" and that at the Camp Nou will live a match like a final so you have to change mentality if we want to move the tie.

For the Roman newspaper "Corriere dello Sport", the meeting in San Siro can at least keep dreaming and gamble in Barcelona and also the shock "discovered weaknesses in the Barça" to athleticism and form.

Even Rome sports daily said yesterday that "the Navy Milan Barça scared" because although the Catalans kept the ball could not find spaces.

"Milan and Messi refuses to play around in Barcelona" also the daily "Corriere della Sera" agrees today that the Milan team strictly fulfilled its mission to overrule the Ballon d'Argentine

And is that the San Siro game has shown that "you can get," in your internal pages titled "Corriere della Sera" to indicate that you have lost the fear of Barça and now anything can happen.

The same operator chooses the newspaper "La Republica": "You can get", noting that although slowed Milan Rome generalist newspaper notes as if "they saw little of Messi, Ibrahimovic was least."

All players, trained and press, seem satisfied how it ended the first act of this tie.

All but one: the president and patron of the club, Silvio Berlusconi, who after the meeting said: "I have some remarks to make about the game." (via SPORT)