16 March 2012

Site for the new Camp Nou

Mayor Xavier Trias supports a swap with the sports university next to the Diagonal.
MCM, which already uses the facade of the farmhouse, is postulated as a sponsor.

The mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, confirmed the news yesterday Mundo Deportivo advanced on the possibility of building a new Camp Nou next to the Diagonal.

The mayor spoke positively of a proposal by Barça in which "the Ajuntament de Barcelona would agree, since it would leave the previous floor retraining in exchange for a land swap," he told Catalan television.

Xavier Trias pointed to a land swap Corts current azulgrana by now occupied by the university sports area, just at the entrance to Barcelona by the Diagonal, a space large enough to locate there not only new but the Camp Nou integrated a reformulation of Espai Barça conceived as the great house of a member of the Barça.

Incorporate the ancillary installations besides the two expected Palau, an auditorium, the headquarters of the Foundation, gyms, playgrounds, hotels, shopping areas, cinemas and a wide choice of restaurants.

This area extends from the edge of sea of ​​Diagonal with border at the headquarters of the RAC, to L'Hospitalet, just adjacent to the park Can Rigalt downgraded today still to develop and replace the current decrepit power plant with a more modern distribution in which Barça is required to participate financially.

Indeed, being two areas of sport would not be necessary to seek a rezoning of property significance, but commonly would be a change of stickers arbitrated by the City Council of Barcelona.

FC Barcelona, meanwhile, would thus fulfilled one of the main requirements of this initiative is still embryonic and erect a new modern stadium, not to move the neighborhood, preserving its historical identity associated with Les Corts.

The possibility of an entente with the University of Barcelona, ​​which for years the city wants to grow toward expanding the South Campus, it is clear now as common interests by the Barça and the University.

The club azulgrana could consider building this important work without seeing affected the normal development of their activity at the Camp Nou. The new stadium would improve the quality of the seats, would be totally covered, it could increase capacity, especially in hospitality, and exploitation generated by outside parties profitability is now impossible in the current stadium.

As for a possible financing concessions, a news agency reported yesterday on the interest of MCM, the company can exploit the facade of the farmhouse in Sant Joan Despi, to acquire future assets of the new stadium.

Joan Portillo, the CEO of MCM, and declared on television that could fund its construction "and also share with the club for 50 percent of the exploitation of advertising that we have on the facades of leds that can be installed in the new field. so the club will not have to do even no cost and receive money by way of advertising exploitation, "he said. (via MD)