15 March 2012

Sevilla will decide if there is still Liga for Barça

Barça run out of options if you do not win, but doing so will put pressure getting to seven points.

Barça face Sevilla to a new end. As at the Vicente Calderón two days ago, a new setback would precipitate events and la Liga, this time, too far from the possibilities azulgrana.

A win for Guardiola, however, would put pressure on Madrid given that the more lenient phase calendar for whites is nearing its end.

Barça is recovering troops at this stage of the calendar and once again has a fairly complete template, you can also put pressure on Mourinho's fixtures, and playing before.

Barça before the day 22 was seven points, was ten after the defeat of Pamplona. Since then, Madrid has played mostly before the squad.

Barça have been in danger of being thirteen points in their matches against Valencia (Madrid had previously won the Racing) and Atlético (Mou had won the very controversial in Vallecas). The next day, the club played before against Sporting and started seven points, but Madrid won with little opposition to Espanyol.

The last day, even suffering, Madrid returned to action before Barça and returned to loot to get to thirteen points. The victim was, this time, Mel Betis de Pepe and Barça began his match in Santander to thirteen points.

Madrid is the Now you can begin to seven matches. On the Sánchez Pizjuán is the most demanding for Barça that will be at home after the Granada (Madrid play later in Villarreal) and travel to Mallorca to play before the Madrid received the Real Sociedad.

After the Madrid begin to tackle the most difficult days. Sevilla will decide whether there league. (via MD)