15 March 2012

Sergio Ramos: "There is no problem to face Barcelona in the quarter"

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos was satisfied in the team classification in the future and confident of his team in the competition, where you can meet the defending champions Barcelona.

"If football is a good thing is that battles are incredible. If they succeed and we maintain the reliability and doing things we might well have a final between the two. But if we have before, in the quarter, there will be no problem," said Ramos, who stressed team play in the second half.

"We are left with the second part. There have been more mobile and have reached the goals. They initially have tightened a bit more. But at halftime we reacted and has been a Real Madrid different from the first part," said . Ramos lamented the card to Xabi Alonso, who will miss the first leg of the quarterfinals. "We Xabi is very important. Constitution. But we have a large squad with players who hope that time and opportunity and will do well," he said.

About the downturn in the final, Ramos justified "accumulated many parties and wear it shows the players. We continue to maintain the tension however," and praised the determination in attack France's Karim Benzema, Argentine Gonzalo Higuaín and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo. "It is a guarantee to have Cristiano, Higuaín and Karim. Competition is very good and we are a guarantee tremendous," said Sergio Ramos.

Continuity of coach Jose Mourinho, the Real Madrid defender was optimistic. "If we continue to depend on but not dependent. But is under contract and Cristiano share the view that eventually will," he said. (via MD)