08 March 2012

[selection; Under-23] The decision on Busquets and the Olympic Games, at the end of season

Although the azulgrana Sergio Busquets made ​​it clear that his will is to combine European Championships and Olympic Games, not until end of season when all games- Barça player and coach, decide whether to participate.

Last week the Spanish Olympic team coach, Luis Milla, visited the offices of the Camp Nou to talk to Pep Guardiola and with some of the players who could be the London 2012 Games as Thiago, Isaac Cuenca and precisely Sergio Busquets.

Busquets made ​​clear on Tuesday at a press conference that his will is to combine the European Championships and Olympic Games, knowing that the opportunity to go to London is something that only happens once in life for a footballer. However, the club prefers to be cautious and wants to assess how it will affect the player not having enough rest in summer.

That's why all parties agreed that the decision to go or not to take the Olympic Games when the season ends. In any case, if the player has made so clear his will, it is likely that this meeting is over and we see Busquets in the national team and Olympic this summer. (via SPORT)