13 March 2012

[Selection Under-21] Luis Milla postponing the decision to the Olympic Games selected at Euro

Luis Milla, Spanish Under-21 coach, has spoken to players like Busquets, Javi Martínez and Muniain, battling for European Championships and Olympic Games. Milla has given notice to expect a European Championship final to decide if this circumstance occurs.

"There are players who have the chance to double Olympic and European Championship. It is a decision to be taken after the Euro because it will be a long season" said Milla. "They have the conviction mentally and physically after playing the Euro want to play the Olympics but they are young, that illusion is normal and they should say so publicly. But we must wait to the last moment to see" Milla added.

The coach has also referred to the praise of Messi to Guardiola. "Guardiola is a reference for everything you did and how he did it. Let him say Messi is the show that has a cohesive group," he stressed. (via MD)