28 March 2012

[Selection] Sabella on Messi: "If he gets four, going for the fifth. Always want more"

The Argentine coach acknowledges that "you always sorprendre Messi, but not expect it."

Alejandro Sabella, Argentina coach, reviewed for the portal LigaBBVA representing a new record of Messi and the time it is Leo, in addition to affirming that Spanish football is experiencing a great time.

On the '10 'Barça, Sabella is happy about her figure and the record of goals scored: "Happy for him, Argentine football is a great achievement. Comes breaking records one after another. Always surprises us, but do not expect it. "The Argentine coach is aware that Messi is unable to be replaced: "Messi does not like off the court. Always wants one more goal. If gets four want to stick five, and if you want to stick five gets six. When the game is defined not want to leave, he always wants more. "

On Spanish football, acknowledged that experiencing one of its best moments: "Spain is very good. There are two teams far from the rest, Barça and Real Madrid. But there are many good teams, and if you see that there are two of the Champions eight in the champions League three of eight, and are world champions, you realize that Spanish football is going through a brilliant ". (via SPORT)