01 March 2012

[Selection; Friendly Match] Spain 5 - 0 Venezela

Magnificent staging, with Silva and Iniesta insurmountable to a treeless Venezuela. liked Llorente, but Soldado, with a hat-trick, comes to stay. Muniain debuted.

On the day of rare diseases rare truly enviable was the health of Spain, who walks with the poise Euro championship that is presumed. And it does so guided by Iniesta and Silva, sublime football, available to anyone else, with Messi ratitos in creation and production, by the non-disturb. Venezuela, which is not maria, who walks the edge of the top 40, provided less response to last summer. Lost as then but poorer image. Do not get depressed. It happens to almost everyone at this selection and heavenly blue.

Spain wanted to kill this time in the natural kind, with a nine, Llorente, giant among big heads, and liked the proposal. For the first time since its emergence in the selection is opened a clear horizon, a great future. Before the half hour had left three shots in the road book, none with lethal placement, and a large front print and reference, mobile, and commitment. She left without a goal but safe place ... until he came out Soldado definitely fierce competitor.

In seven minutes he had got two goals from library. The first, which began play heel bullfighter in his robbery and that he improved boot in boot: Xabi Alonso, Cesc (heel), Cazorla, Silva and Cazorla again, also a newcomer to the party. The second, nine pure to touch in gift Arbeloa. Then he made ​​a penalty Amorebieta, which cost him the red, when I went to the hat-trick and he himself failed. He said already very near the end. It is the second that he does off the bench in history. Is here to stay.

Guess not problems there, except for Del Bosque, who is only fit 23, despite injuries Villa and Negredo and when the valley of Torres, let alone on his back. Iniesta and Silva were indecipherable to Venezuela. Puzzled, put together the rondo, given patience, filtered passes and matched with the trigger. Two similar goals, the first, cooked from the outside in and that led to intelligent and placed shots. Cesc was involved in both although their presence was less. Xabi Alonso and Busquets were distributed while the roles: the first assumed the diffusion and the second correction. The azulgrana is tactically flawless, a jewel for coaches, which would be Del Bosque was not. All this with Cazorla and Xavi as a second unit and Javi Martínez, Thiago, Muniain and Mata, Under-21 European champions all, also on the waiting list. A unique light cavalry.

Ago there were greater demands Piqué and Ramos, which the central position has hardened soul and tactically, and consolidated Jordi Alba, lateral glad that this music has caught soon. Superb his pipe and assistance to Soldado in the 5-0, to the glory of Valencia. And given time to try a defense of three-Piqué-Puyol Arbeloa emergency (to be few), allocate the expense between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans and to give the alternative to Muniain, whose antics have brought him up here with only 19 . And all was a great pleasure.

[Match Stats]
Spain: Casillas; Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos (Puyol, m. 61), Piqué, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Xabi Alonso (Xavi, m. 61); Iniesta (Cazorla, m. 46), Cesc (Muniain, m. 75), Silva (Navas, m. 61); and Llorente (Soldado, m. 46).

Venezuela: Dani Hernández, Roberto Rosales, Amorebieta, Vizcarrondo, Quijada (Rolf Feltsher, m. 72); Julio Álvarez (Alex González, m. 61), Tomás Rincon, Mea Vitali (Flores, m. 81), Arango (Greco, m. 88); Miku (Túñez, m. 66) and Rondón (Frank Feltsher, m. 78).

Goal: 1-0, m. 37: Iniesta. 2-0, m. 40: Silva. 3-0, m. 49: Soldado. 4-0, m.5 4: Soldado. 5-0, m. 85: Soldado.

referee: Andris Treimanis (LET). Cesc admonished (69) in Spain. Driven out by direct red Amorebieta (65) for bringing down Soldado within the area being last man.

Subs: friendly match played at the stadium in La Rosaleda Málaga in the presence of 25,000 spectators.

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/4hFPrbXbA9E