22 March 2012

Sanchez Arminio you talk now?

The hand gesture alluding to a theft of Cristiano Ronaldo deserves severe punishment.
Technical Committee Chairman of Referees should be asked to sanction the same fervor as it did for Piqué.
Otherwise, again demonstrate the double standard that has 'affaires' related to Barça and Madrid.

The images are clear. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to make a gesture alluding to a theft, Villarreal-Madrid, reminiscent of the already accomplished after the 1-1 against Barça at Camp Nou in the Champions League semifinals the past, when the marathon clásicos. A sign, no doubt, prosecutorial to José Luis Paradas Romero. Will he the president of the Referees Technical Committee (TAC), Victoriano Sánchez Arminio, to seek sanction for CR7?

If Sánchez Arminio acted logically, should come out publicly to reproach the Cristiano attitude and demand severe punishment for the white player. Failure to do so will be shown by the double standard that has the CTA when Madrid or Barça involucadros.

Sánchez Arminio said, the day after Gerard Piqué's statements by pointing to the red showed Velasco Carbarllo was "willful" to denounce the center back to the Competition Committee. He did it twice, saying that "Piqué statements are unfortunate and very serious. I understand that you boil the blood, but an athlete must have respect for others. Piqué's words affect the establishment arbitration and logically we denounce the
Competition Committee, "he said.

The gesture from yesterday Cristiano is a grave offense to the college estate and the CTA should claim a penalty with the same fervor as it did with Piqué, who reproached the actidud only Velasco Carballo.

If they were consistent, they would not leave to escape this charge, as they did at the time with Mourinho, who was allowed to call "shameless" Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, without any further punishment.

Like they did in the past, when the white technical colleges criticized in a prior meeting of the Liga BBVA against Deportivo (25-0-2011).

Or when in December 2010 after a Madrid-Sevilla, José Mourinho
explained at a press conference the 13 Clos Gómez refereeing errors. The arbitration and Competition Committee is also inhibited by then. (via MD)