06 March 2012

Sánchez Arminio may decide to host the Cup final

The same complaint Piqué is a member of the RFEF that will decide the venue for the final.

Cool. Only one qualifier and may explain the circus that is mounted to the referees and the venue for the final of the Copa del Rey. A circus sponsored and tamed by Arminio Sánchez. And is that the Cantabrian Victorian Sánchez Arminio, president of the Referees Technical Committee, is the mastermind of one of the loudest pantomimes in recent times. After Velasco Carballo unfairly expelled Piqué, that Pique say that was premeditated centre-back had told to shut up, I was going to drive-and both get fixed after the meeting, all that Arminio came was to denounce the words of 3 of Barça. And so it was: his complaint has prospered in the Referee Committee and will have to wait to see what punishment can bring. But the most curious thing is that Sanchez Arminio, as a member of the board of the RFEF, will be one more vote in the choice of venue for the final of the Copa del Rey. Nonsense that can end, if no final agreement voting in the draw for the seat. (via SPORT)