06 March 2012

The salaries of the officials, uncovered

Except Velasco Carballo and Mateu Lahoz, who live solely on football, other colleges have another source of income in their professions.

The clubs of la Liga are paying a high price for the service they receive from the members, a real privileged in society, especially considering the economic constraints are suffering all workers in recent years. Each Spanish referee will be the 18,000 euros gross per month for an annual total to about 200,000 euros, accounting for fixed salary, payment for party led, diets and other extras.

Broken down, each referee receives 10,000 euros per month gross fixed. 3,438 euros per party led and arbitrates an average of two per month. 53 euros per day diet and is required to stay overnight in the city where he will lead the meeting. And a mileage of 0.19 euros if you travel with your own vehicle. To all this must be added that the group receives 12,000 euros arbitration a year in advertising. Salaries for assistants are of 1,440 euros, while the fourth official takes 1,435. In the Second Division, the charges are of 1,512 euros per game for the collegiate and 682 euros for attendees. That, bearing in mind that colleges are treated as VIP's. Almost always travel first class plane and forced.

These figures exceeded in Europe only in the Premier League colleges, the only ones who are professionals. In England, the monthly salary amounts to 24,000 euros a month. The rest of the league pay less than the Spanish. And except the Italian one, where the referees can reach 150,000 per year, the rest is far from ours. In Italy, a fixed pay of 8,000 euros per month and 4,000 per game. From there, the numbers drop significantly.

In Germany only pay for party led, while in Portugal it takes a thousand euros per game. Yes, the arbitrators directed lusos four games a month. In France, there are also fixed, which is 2,750 euros per month, while the figure of 2,430 per game euros. Overall, about 73,000 per year.

All these figures do not include international arbitration, which increase the incomes of those who are appointed by the RFEF to direct parties to organize tournaments UEFA and FIFA.

To all this must be added that unless Velasco Carballo and Mateu Lahoz, the other 18 Primera Division referees are not dedicated exclusively to arbitration, so they have a second career, multiplying their monthly emoluments.

Oblivious to the crisis affecting the world and especially to Spain for the past five years, the RFEF and the Technical Committee of Referees have been raised in the negotiation of the new wage increase of 25 percent. In addition, the football governing body is pressing for referees definitely become professionals, as demanded by FIFA in a while. The demand would be also welcomed by the LFP, which is entering the Federation referees' salaries once collected from its members, clubs.

In this case, the colleges would be considerably increased their salaries, but instead would be concentrated five days a week at the Ciudad Deportiva of Las Rozas, where the margins of meetings aimed to analyze the previous day and prepare the following courses receive constant focus to improve their technique arbitration. Moreover, they could devote sufficient time to improve your fitness, which in some cases has historically been disappointing. Its privileged status may be increased soon. (via SPORT)