13 March 2012

Rosell on Telemadrid's claim: “It is baseless and false”

This Monday, President Sandro Rosell responded to the claims made by Telemadrid. The television channel stated that Josep Guardiola refused to stay on as Barça’s manager if the Club didn’t guarantee to offload defender Gerard Piqué this summer.

“All of the athletic decisions are made by Guardiola and Zubizarreta,” said Rosell.

President Sandro Rosell talked about the information aired by the television channel Telemadrid this Monday afternoon where the station claimed that Josep Guardiola said that he wouldn’t extend his contract unless the Club guaranteed that Gerard Piqué would be offloaded this summer.

“Obviously, it’s completely fake. It’s obviously slander. This story is baseless. What I can say is that all decisions about players coming in and going out are made jointly by Guardiola and Zubizarreta. Therefore, this story is baseless and it’s completely false. It’s a shame that a public press outlet like Telemadrid has decided to play this game,” said Rosell.

Previous to the above statement, Rosell said: “it’s a shame that in a time of economic crisis that we’re seeing publicly funded communication channels deliberately misinforming people, creating falsehoods and calumny. It’s understandable that this could happen on a privately funded channel, but I don’t understand how a channel that’s publicly funded [can do this]. No one understands it. If I were a tax paying person in Madrid, in truth, I’d be troubled.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)