20 March 2012

Rosell and Vilarrubí made ​​a courtesy visit to Trias

The Barça president Sandro Rosell and the vice president institutional Carles Vilarrubí were yesterday at the Barcelona City Council on an official visit to the Catalan capital's mayor, Xavier Trias.

The reason for the visit was simply as a courtesy, after the convergent won the mayoral elections in May last year. Since then, the session and sports club had pending the meeting, which had not been previously carried out for scheduling reasons, given the level of commitment that both parties must attend.

The meeting comes just days after the media would reflect the future intentions of the directive, which would by building a new stadium on land owned by the University of Barcelona. Anyway, from the lub azulgrana made ​​sure that the agenda of yesterday's meeting was not the point, since the visit was simply a courtesy.

Anyway, after the news, the mayor and was in favor of a possible land swap, "seems like a good idea. It would be a speculative project, "he said. (via SPORT)