16 March 2012

Ronaldinho dreams ...Married!

Brazilian forward Ronaldinho says he is "crazy" to marry, although he admitted that he likes the single life.

"I am crazy to get married," said the player, Flamengo striker during the morning variety program 'Mais Você' channel 'Globo'.

Ronaldinho added that the constant travel and the demands of the sport have strayed from the marriage but added that he imagines with "many children" and that he needs to find "the right person" who understands your work.

However, the athlete, who ranks second in the list of favorite players of Brazilian women according to a recent survey, is reluctant to abandon the benefits of being single.

"I like the single life. I have to answer to anybody," said the player, adding: "While I like the idea of marrying I also like the single life."

The Brazilian international, parent of a child of 7 years, also said it is difficult to have a partner because of its popularity that sometimes bothers her companions.

"Today is difficult to have a girlfriend, because all generate much news," said the star, who said he "will not stop living by what people say about him. But sometimes bothers people that are next ".

Dribble, who played for Barça and Milan, also responded to criticism he receives for his fondness for late night parties.

"I love samba and pagode (derived from the original samba of Bahia). The image people have of me is only with instruments or playing football and always will be linked to each other. Because they have no access to other everyday life, my life has just that image, "he reasoned Ronaldinho.

"If I go to the bakery a picture is nobody buying bread, but if I go to a concert pagode everyone does the photo because it sells," he added.

Ronaldinho was included in the list of 52 players shortlisted for the London Olympics, said on Wednesday the Brazilian coach, Mano Menezes. (via SPORT)