17 March 2012

reunion Cesc-Kanoute with Sevilla-Barça

The forward recovered from his injury, return to the list and will face the Arenys the tension leaving his last game.

Barça-Sevilla in the first round was one of the most tense games he has played the Blaugrana this season. Table hispalense resisted the push barcelonista, Javi Varas stopped a penalty Messi and Cesc was attacked by Kanoute shortly before the release in a move that brought a lot of tail. This afternoon, both teams meet again and match the two players on the field, but in a tone very different from how we ended the match at Camp Nou.

Cesc was accused of racist insults dedicated Kanoute through the speaker of social networks. The issue is clouded to the point where the players took personal responsibility for resolving the misunderstanding.

The midfielder had rebuked the mall after he touched the ball to Messi just before the release of penalty. Kanoute reacted in the face knocking Fàbregas and was sent off. The version that Cesc had devoted racist insults at Sevilla was denied by both. The Blaugrana did not hesitate to reach out to Africa in a phone call reprimanded for having bad manners of behavior, while Kanoute apologized for reacting with aggression. Anyway, Cesc was very clear that in no case had been disrespectful to his opponent by beliefs.

The Arenys won the admiration of the Arab people throughout the controversy over the words of praise he had for his people, remembering that your partner is Lebanese, and that his head the idea would never disrespect.

Cesc, apperceived sanction

Cesc Fàbregas is just a yellow card to reach the five and having to meet a match suspension. The midfielder should be very careful in the match tonight and that a new card would prevent him from playing Tuesday in the next game of the season in a match that will measure intersemanal Barça Granada with at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)