20 March 2012

Resino: "Against Barcelona any result other than losing is good"

Granada coach, Abel Resino, said at the meeting that his team will play tomorrow, Tuesday, against Barcelona in the Camp Nou, "any result other than losing is good," and described the task of scoring as "difficult but not impossible."

Resino said at a press conference for the Granada and their players "must be a source of pride to defend this club and the hobby" and "play the best golf of the world against the best team in the world is something to enjoy it. "the coach has said that they are aware of the" potential for Barcelona, ​​"which can only stand up" defending very well, with lots of help, being all together and taking away the ball as long as possible. "

"Against Barcelona any result other than losing is good," he insisted Resino, who believes that rate is "a difficult but not impossible" even though his own flock to Camp Nou with a call "unbalanced" because there are low and are "the righteous." Atletico coach does not believe that the azulgranas has a bearing on the "sting" of Real Madrid against Málaga because "Barcelona does not need much motivation to meet the parties and that is the best team in the world and all of them dominates."

Resino has commanded "the full support of Granada" the Frenchman Eric Abidal, has called the Barcelona players as "the best in the world" and said that coach Pep Guardiola is doing "extraordinary work". "Guardiola is a very good psychologist, says the league is lost but if the are not going to be squeamish, "he added Resino, who believes, however, that la Liga" is going to win the Real Madrid because he is very strong. " (via MD)