09 March 2012

A renewal Guardiola chases him ...Up in his car!

The renewal of Pep Guardiola remains a topic of interest to many people.

Pep Guardiola has already shown that it likes to be asked at the press conference on the theme of renewal. Want to take your time and make a decision as calmly as possible.

But the renewal of the Barcelona coach is a hot topic and an anecdote that occurred Thursday at the Ciutat Esportiva shows us. As always, some fans waited for the departure of players and coaches hoping to take a picture or have an autograph. And one of the girls present was fortunate that Pep Guardiola not only stopped, but agreed to take a picture with her cheerful smile and a gift.

The story is that Guardiola was listening to the car radio when he stood to take the picture. And then, I was just listening to a sports program which spoke ...For renewal!

Know if he returned to start the car continued to listen to see what was said about it, but what is clear is that, as we know, Pep Guardiola is a man thinking about football 24 hours a day and that for nothing is foreign to what is said about him. (via SPORT)