15 March 2012

Puyol: "The dressing room is played with Abidal"

"It was an unpleasant surprise. Is encouraged. It is super strong, and he showed last season," stressed the Barça player on his partner.

Carles Puyol, the Barcelona player, stressed that the news that Abidal needs a liver transplant "has been a setback, we had a meeting before going to training. It was an unpleasant surprise. It is lively and that's the most important and he encouraged us to us. is superstrong, as was demonstrated last season. from here we want to send all the strength we have, I believe that will be fine. "

He admits: "The dressing room is touched, this news is very hard when you see him and he encourages us to us and that is important. We stand next to his family. There are things more important than football most important thing is health and that's important. "

"It hits very hard, I received last season, is now repeated. This will make us stronger. Q It is important to recover well. Has been and is with us every day. We have been meeting just before leaving. We Guardiola has given the news and then we talked to him, but that will be in the dressing room, of course, "he adds.

Abidal's disease has monopolized nearly all the press, but Carles Puyol has spoken briefly to other issues such as the draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

The center back does not agree with this'' Champions'' is a duel between Barça-Madrid: "No opponent is easy. All who have come here is because you have earned a bad day and you can at any leave ".

Neither wanted to comment on whether you prefer to breed with Jose Mourinho's team in the next round or in a hypothetical end because "the Real Madrid is just as difficult for a game that of two."

Finally, Puyol has been supportive to bury definitively the issue of renewal of Guardiola and "respect their decision" to take the time deemed necessary to decide whether to continue or not.

"The season is at stake. All we have given our opinion and I do not think we need to talk more about it," concluded the captain azulgrana. (via AS)