03 March 2012

Punto Pelota considered "unworthy and unwise" the statement of the College of Journalists of Catalunya

The program of Intereconomía TV issued a statement rejecting the position and attitude applied by the journalistic body of Catalunya.

The sports program 'Punto Pelota' issued a statement Friday in which it denied the statement of the College of Journalists of Catalunya which led to the withdrawal of accreditation by the FC Barcelona.

In the text offered by the program of Intereconomía TV, we review chronologically the sequence of events that led to the dramatic final determination of the club azulgrana and claimed that the show's host, Josep Pedrerol, and explained what happened in the show 'Estrelles del Fubol Català' last Thursday night, a week-ago, which went so far as to apologize to Barça and managers "who might have felt offended" by the report.

In a statement issued Thursday, "PuntoPelota" four basic claims:

First, the journalists of the program "reject the unworthy and unwise full statement from the Association of Journalists of Catalunya that is designed to support censorship by an institution such as FC Barcelona sports, attributing false and nonexistent violations of its Code of Ethics" while not hesitate to "denounce the College of Journalists of Catalunya just took the version" of Barça "ignoring and refusing to even contact with the party responsible for the program." A situation that, as 'Punto Pelota' is "worse" after the spokesman Toni Freixa on 8TV in which "made ​​the mistake of talking about 'bug', and shamelessly showing absolute ignorance of what happened."

Other points of discussion are focused on "abuse is performed by the Association of Journalists" and "surprising position" after "so far had shown an absolute silence in pensions made ​​from superior to gravity."

Finally, journalists Intereconomía TV program "reaffirm their commitment to the Right to Information and Freedom of Expression" and denounced the "unseemly and shameful submission of the current management of the College of Journalists of Catalonia interests that violate the free practice of the profession and cause distress to journalists. " (via SPORT)