29 March 2012

Piqué wins the first assault on Ibrahimovic

Great match from the central to his friend Zlatan, but the Swedish striker had a chance Valdés stopped him and he could change the analysis.

"What have I done to deserve this?" Had to wonder to himself Piqué and Ibrahimovic when their eyes met seconds before the match starts. Although they get along very well, he just smiled, even with some 'false', trying to bully each other. It was inevitable that the two share the same thought: "What a little night I will give it".

And he did. You could say that Piqué Ibra won the pulse. The defense kept a clean sheet and the striker scored. But football is not so simple. Especially with a monster like the Swedish. Gerard completed a performance level of his best days at Barça. And yet Zlatan had a chance to go there if forced to analyze everything differently.

The first fumble Ibra shot it head to yield it to Robinho, who missed. It was a rebound after a shot uncontrollable Boateng. Nothing to blame for Gerard, but the Swede has a magnet.

In the next quarter hour, the center gave a lesson in positioning and anticipation, by land and air. But Piqué knew I could not relax. And although he did, from 17 'to 20' Ibrahimovic desmelenó.

First uncheck indicating to Seedorf, who left him alone with Valdés. Fired space, but loose and plugged the hole doorman. Piqué was relieved, but not for long.

The first time Ibra removal from the center of the rear in a long ball to the left, the Swede beat him with relative ease, but his pass into the penalty spot was unsuccessful.

And from those two actions until the break, Piqué reimposed a hierarchy admirable. He gave his ex-partner option, but it sure went to the locker room thinking about those three minutes that Ibra could do harm. So precautions still end in the second half.

While all his movements measured around Ibra, a player that uses the body as a weapon to move to your bookmarks. The Catalan control him with intelligence knew without going into the physical fight.

But Ibrahimovic also knows improvise. And when the total concentration of Piqué in the area of ​​'9 ', began to fall into the playmaker, opening bands play in the race to reach the top. And even put a good cross from the winger.

By 75 minutes, the two took a break to benefit from the slow retreat of Nesta after his injury. They exchanged some pleasantries, preamble to the final chapter of the film. Milan's long balls to the prolongations of Ibra looking head, but with a friendly and definitely Piqué winner of the first assault. (via MD)