21 March 2012

Pina: 'The referee may have affected the outcome'

Granada President congratulates his players for the match, but claimed a penalty for offside Valdés and Messi in Barça third goal. "I wonder what would have happened."

"I can not say that we had taken a point if the referee had whistled the penalty de Valdés or Messi offside, but after drawing a match that is 2-0 I wonder what would have happened." The chairman of Granada, Enrique Pina said after the match that the referee had hurt his team on specific plays, although Vitienes II Teixeira said two penalties in the area of ​​Barcelona. "There are plays discussed that may influence the outcome. Víctor Valdés hits my player (Borja Gómez) and stops the play is over. And Barça's third goal, Messi seems offside. Is discussed," said Pina that he was confident that the penalties of Alves' other left. "

In addition, the chairman of Granada wanted to congratulate his players for the match. "Two years have passed without anyone check three goals here. It is a comfort, because it is a party that you assume that you can lose and it is very difficult puntúes, but we have a good picture with all the casualties we had. I will congratulate to the players, "said Pina. (via AS)