13 March 2012

Peter deserves a wait

The player's goal seeking providential inspiration that makes it special.

Pedro Rodríguez was atrevesando its lowest point in their numerical contribution from Pep Guardiola made ​​him a permanent fixture following the departure of Thierry Henry.

Just takes a goal in la Liga 2011-2012. Well it is paying dearly. Much blame has had injuries that prevented him from maintaining a dynamic growing.

To Pedro it has cost, so far, have not entered the latest calls for the selection that was world champion in 2010 and which still aspires to play the next tournament. "I do not know if I'll go and see how the season ended," admitted the player himself in early March.

Ahead for the three months of the season crucial to correct it. While successfully completed the search of himself, Pedro, the player providential goals, is one of those few players who deserve a wait.

That has it clear from Pep Guardiola to Leo Messi. The coach said Sunday in Santander, after another party without the desired goal Pedro, that the end "was, is and will be a very important player for us for a long time."

For its part, the best player the world has enough games taking his football to provide unmatched GPS Pedro the goal he craves. Against Racing also looked for Messi, though Pedro returned to bump into the goalie's glove to take away the unique feel of the goal. The obstinacy with Pedro positive Messi is not capricious.

The Argentinian crack knows that the winger has been his loyal partner's goal in the biggest days of the best team in history. With 24 years have pictures you would like a lot of cracks removed, especially if you check his resume: three league titles, one Copa del Rey, Spain three Super Cups, two Champions League, two European Super Cups, two World Clubs and the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

There is every reason to believe it. Pressed against Racing, moved yse offered as in his best days. "He played well, creating space for others and closing his band," praised Guardiola, who emphasized that the goal is "in spurts".

But even more negative in their season looking to shed this season Pedro scored again on a major party: it was in the semifinal round of the Copa against Real Madrid, the 1-0 and Messi pass from his partner.

Pedro is still far from the 23 goals in 52 games his first year important Guardiola (2009-2010) and 22 points in 54 of the second (2010-2011). But beware, the parties come true, those in which there are very few cracks in the world to decide as much as Pedro. (via MD)