03 March 2012

Pedro appeals to the teams of the Premier

Signed until 2016 and is 150 clause.

Pedro Rodriguez's case is different from Keita. Neither he nor intends tempted to move the Barça to his 24 years and the club has raised a forward pass with clause 150 million euro contract until 2016. The canary has been instrumental in the success of 'Guardiola was' and no one has put on the market. But what is inevitable is that 'the market' themselves who ask for it.

When some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League, which has more poster, consult the staff to try to of Barça stepped up with some azulgrana forward, the finger stops on the box of Pedro. Everyone knows that Messi is untouchable and that Villa is injured, but few know in an international environment the reasons why the Tenerife has played little this season. And with the memory of his golden goals in recent seasons (end of the last Champions League, without going further), the questions of 'spies' are logical: And Pedro? Why play more Cuenca or Tello than him? Is he unhappy?

But Pedro has not disgraced by or unwillingly, has only suffered bad luck when stringing injury which prevented him from enjoying continuity. All the answers to those asking for his transfer are negative, but if any club offered a sum of millions powerful and seductive to all parties to exist, everything would be reconsidered. (via MD)