27 March 2012

Pato flies to U.S. to solve his physical problems

He suffered 13 muscle injuries since 2010 and its relationship with Ibra is impossible.

The most imaginative player of AC Milan has grown tired of waiting for someone in Milanello explain why each of the 13 muscle injuries since 2010 has suffered in the San Siro, all in the center of the field in the area near the Inter's curve precisely.

Pato, seeking solutions, yesterday flew to Atlanta, U.S., to the office of Dr. Frederic Carrick, a professor of neurology staff will try to help the Brazilian species using a space capsule from which to attempt to assess whether the orders sent by neurons of Pato are the right muscles.

It is not the only problem the Brazilian, who no longer supports his teammate Ibrahimovic. Big appearances of Pato have coincided with the parties that Zlatan has been out-leg at the Camp Nou in the group stage, 'not understood outside or on the field.

Last year Pato visited with Professor Garrett, in California, a highly regarded orthopedic ensuring that the problems stem from its Pato running form, his running mechanics supposedly is wrong because you should download the 80% of its strength in speed on the posterior muscles and the percentage change is 50%, so that too much load the anterior muscles.

Traveled the Brazilian, boyfriend of daughter of Berlusconi, accompanied by physiological and Professor Bruno Domenico Meersseman, remember this name? We speak of the Belgian chiropractor who in 2003 founded the Milan Lab, the laboratory medical check Milan.

The structure was born with the aim to prevent injuries. Every 15 days the players 'Rossoneri' tests were coming and thus listed were known better the risks of each player. Also introduced custom training. But in 2008, Meersseman is removed from the discipline of the club and now returns to treat the 'crown jewel', the favorite of Berlusconi, his future son.

Many blame the trainer Daniele Tognaccini of muscular injuries the team suffered more from that in Dubai, in the winter training, it worked in sand. The fact is that this season, coach Massimiliano Allegri has had in each of their matches at least 8 casualties and that statistic has risen to 10 players more recently. The last injury, Thiago Silva. (via MD)